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Aspects Techniques - Low Cost Houses


Emergency Homes for Worldwide Disasters - easily built, re-usable systems  

Global Village Shelters - Creating communities and individual homes for people in need - Connecticut, USA an alternative to current solutions for disaster relief housing 

Moladi embarked on an endeavour to develop a system to construct durable structures of quality in the shortest possible time.  This system has developed into a construction technology that addresses four key challenges embodied in the low cost housing shortages facing developing countries namely: lack of resources, insufficient funds, shortage of skills, time constraint.   


Depicts the emergency bamboo housing designed by Lynch for Tsunami victims in 2005.

Source : Peter Lynch is a former head of the Graduate Architecture Department at The Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan.  



La maison en carton: The Cardboard House represents the reduction of technology and the simplification of needs. By demonstrating that we are able to recycle 100% of the building components at extremely low cost, the Cardboard House is a direct challenge to the housing industry to reduce housing and environmental costs.

Architecte: Col has been involved with students in the research and publication of ‘Low Cost Country Home Building’; construction of the ‘Autonomous House’ at Sydney University; and several alternative technology fairs.

A 5-bedroom house made of recycled paper and cardboard, coated in clear plastic - Design by Adriano Pupilli - Affordable and sustainable housing option for students, artists and urban poor • recycled materials • waste reuse • transportable • cost AU$ 30K (US$ 20K) • made from paper pulp and recycled PET • simple assembly by occupants 



Containex -Autriche  - Containers - Cabins: bureau-sanitaires   

Module sanitaire - 2,43x2,98  



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