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Hand Made Houses


Jake writes in regarding our post on "House Trucks" - Any discussion of house trucks has to include the mention of Rolling Homes - Handmade House on Wheels by Jane Lidz. That book was the inspiration for my own school bus to camper conversion project.

Rolling Homes 


Roger Beck's Some Turtles Have Nice Shells is a guide to the global subculture of house trucking, including a brief instruction manual for building your own whimsical mobile home on top of an old truck or bus chassis


House trucks

Many people have the dream of being a gypsy--a dream of travel & freedom. For every housetruck or housebus, there is an artist who has built it to meet their individual needs. Watch this site grow! I have HUNDREDS of housetruck and housebus photos including many unique, one-of-a-kind vehicles. More pictures will be added as time permits. My book is an "encyclopedia" on house trucks and house busses with 390 of my best photos! This is the most complete book ever written on the subject. Roger Beck (truckingturtle)


Handmade Houses:

A Guide to the Woodbutcher's Art

by Art Boericke, Barry Shapiro

ISBN: 0891040013

Publisher: A & W Pub Publish Date: 01 February, 1985


Woodstock Handmade Houses

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26 Blueberry Hill Road PO Box 637 - Bearsville, NY 12409

Woodstock Handmade Houses


Hand Made Houses


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