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Sites Ecovillages


Global Ecovillage Network 


EcoVillage at Ithaca

Partly cohousing, partly wildlife habitat, with increasing organic agriculture. 


Colorado Ecovillage Connections

Manitou Foundation and Manitou Institute, have significantly contributed to the Crestone/Baca community, by making land and financial grants that have supported a wide variety of spiritual and environmental projects to locate in this area. Crestone/Baca is


Dancing Rabbit: An Ecovillage Community

A Sustainable Future in Rutledge


EcoVillage: A New Kind of Neighborhood

A new community is demonstrating the value of creating a vital, healthy nurturing community in harmony with the environment. EcoVillage of Loudoun County is located on 180 acres of beautiful countryside in Northern Virginia. We anticipate beginning home


Utopian EcoVillage Network


Ecovillages/The Design Exchange/Ecovillage Network of the Americas

The newsletter of The Ecovillage Network of the Americas (ENA). "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead The Ecovillage Network of the Americas seeks


Windward, ecovillage, cooperative, goats, self-reliant, single-parents, sustainable, crafts, self-employed, community, recovery, transitional

homeless Notes from Windward The Old School Welcome to Windward The Windward Foundation a cooperative association of self-reliant individuals. The Windward Center provides assistance to people in transition. The Univ. of St. Hildegard educational and 


Ecovillage Training Center

A whole systems immersion experience of ecovillage living, together with classes of instruction, access to information, tools and resources, and on-site and off-site consulting and outreach experiences.The Ecovillage Training  


Horizons Ecovillage  

Monadnock EcoVillage 


What is an Ecovillage? An ecovillage is an urban or rural community

Valley Farm Ecovillage  

The Ecovillage Network of the Americas (ENA) 


Ecovillage Cohousing Cooperative  


The Ecovillage Training Center (ETC) was founded last year to promote sustainable living. Various members of the Farm community have been holding conferences 


Ecovillage network UK 


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