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Greenhorn en Pologne - A Swedish program for ecological construction in Poland



Bhrugu Aranya Ecovillage - Poland - Wysoka-Jordanow, Malpolska, Poland (60 kilometers south of Krakow, nearest big town Rabka)

Bhrugu Aranya Ecovillage is an organic Homa farm community in the rolling hills of southern Poland, with the majestic Tatra Mountains looming over the horizon. This community has been growing since 1995. The place is magical; the energies here are quite powerful and the place heals you.

Here, we use Homa Organic Farming methods based on the ancient Vedic science of Agnihotra healing fire performed at sunrise and sunset. We are all vegetarians and grow most of our own food.  Contact: Jarek and Parvati Bizberg

Fundacja Terapia Homa Wysoka 151 - Jordanow, Malpolska 34-240 Poland

Phone: +48 502-347-898, +48 504-073-208

We welcome visitors and have simple, homey accommodation for guests in the log cabin and caravans. Please email and/or call ahead to make arrangements, costs for stay. Must call in advance, please.





Source: http://www.studentsoftheworld.info/ 

Jeszcze Polska nie zginela,

Kiedy my zyjemy.

Co nam obca przemoc wziela,

Szabla odbierzemy.


Marsz, marsz, Dabrowski,

Z ziemi wloskiej do Polski,

Za twoim przewodem

Zlaczym sie z narodem.


Przejdziem Wisle, przejdziem Warte,

Bedziem Polakami,

Dal nam przyklad Bonaparte,

Jak zwyciezac mamy


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